Creative Wedding Photography from A to Z

Creative Wedding PhotographyAs a well-known figure on the St. Louis professional photography scene, Greg Lappin is the creative mind that couples from Kansas City to Chicago and beyond call on when they want to capture the true spirit and beauty of their big day. Through an expert blend of creative wedding photography techniques, Greg makes sure that every moment of the wedding process is preserved in striking detail.

Wedding Portraiture vs. Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding PhotojournalismMany couples find themselves faced with a difficult "either-or" choice when it comes to the selection of a photographic style for their wedding. On one hand, Traditional-style wedding portraiture offers a romantic link to the past and honors the classic images of this important milestone in life. On the other, a photojournalistic approach catches the candid and spontaneous moments that traditional portraiture can miss. Unfortunately, many photographers resist blending both creative styles or only truly excel at one. Not so with Greg.

His "no-ego" approach means that Greg's clients don't have to sacrifice tradition for the opportunity to capture the sincerity of natural moments. Achieving the appropriate balance between wedding portraiture and wedding photojournalism for each couple is just one of many things that make Greg's creative wedding photography stand out. His considerable experience with portraiture and photojournalism add to his innate ability to seamlessly blend into the natural flow of the big day - ensuring not a single moment will be missed or disturbed by his presence.

Let Greg's Creative Photography Techniques Capture your Big Day

Whether it's authentic photojournalism, traditional portraiture or a blend of both, Greg can deliver the photographic style you want for your wedding. Contact Greg at 314-393-1746 to discuss availability and pricing for creative photography and portraiture packages.

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