Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding PhotographyAs more and more couples choose destination wedding locations as the site of their special day, the demand for destination wedding photography has grown incrementally. In fact, Modern Bride magazine reports that destination weddings have become the ceremony of choice for over 50,000 U.S. couples each year. Many of these couples choose to hire a destination wedding photographer from the US to travel with them, as opposed to working with a local photographer on site who they may not meet at all until their wedding day.

Whether your wedding destination is in a bustling city such as Chicago or on a beach in Costa Rica at sunset, Greg Lappin can bring his expertise along to chronicle the journey.

Destination Wedding Photography, Costa Rica & Beyond

Destination Wedding PhotographyWhen you're talking ideal settings for creative wedding photography, Costa Rica is the hands down winner. The beautiful scenery, combined with the plethora of adventure that awaits you in Costa Rica, has made this country a top choice for destination weddings. Costa Rica has obtained ratings from top bridal publications as the "best adventure destination," making it an ideal place for creative wedding photography.

A beach-front wedding in Costa Rica could include everything from a firsthand look at an erupting volcano to an afternoon stroll underneath a rainforest canopy. With a variety of natural beauty as inspiration, destination weddings in any location are an ideal forum for Greg's talent as a gifted visual artist to shine.

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As a well-known professional wedding photographer, Greg Lappin brings a wealth of creative wedding photography expertise and talent to clients from Kansas City to Costa Rica. Contact Greg via phone at 314-393-1746 to discuss availability and pricing for destination wedding photography packages.

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